Sunday lunch: seaweed

seaweed salad

Seaweed salad is a lovely sea green.

I bought this already prepared, from Philbrick’s Fresh Market, to taste (for the first time) and share at lunchtime. The flavor was interesting – kind of green and lightly salty, flavored with sesame oil and chili pepper. The texture was strange – crunchy in a chewy, popping way. Not sure I loved that.

seaweed salad ingredients

I wondered what kind of seaweed it was and where on earth it came from, but I couldn’t tell from the ingredients list. “Jelly fish” was listed as an ingredient. I started picking through the salad to try to see what little pieces might be jelly fish, no luck.

Seaweed is supposed to be nutritious. I like the idea of tasting it. I might try adding some kind of seaweed to a salad, at some point, but I probably wouldn’t buy this jelly fish salad again.