Rinse. Spin. Repeat.


Every kind of vegetable in this salad has already been in a salad in the last three or four days.

One of my Salad Month challenges has been that I want to try different salads but I am making salad for one, two or a few people (except for this Easter Sunday) and the things I want to put on salad are often bundled in sizes that serve more than one person. Such as a 1 lb bag of carrots.

I wonder if anyone has ever eaten a 1 lb bag of carrots all at once.

March 26: Repeat Salad with New Vinaigrette

I raided the refrigerator and came up with curly leaf lettuce, radishes, carrots, and an apple. I snipped some mint from the window pot. It was a salad for one at lunchtime.


I made a vinaigrette with 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar, 1 tablespoon of olive oil, and a half teaspoon of maple syrup. I got the idea for this vinaigrette from the apples in the salad. I decided to add a little seasonally appropriate maple sweetness. It’s the Full Sap Moon tonight. (It’s also known as the Worm Moon, but I’m not that adventurous.)

This will be, for me, a major take-away from Salad Month: once you have a general sense of appropriate oil and acid proportions, vinaigrettes are easy and fun and fast and endlessly variable and can be made with lots of different ingredients and are way better than the bottled stuff.

I had a hard-boiled egg with this salad too, laid by my Easter Egger chicken Ella Fitzgerald. She lays the fewest eggs, but they are special when they arrive.


Make salad. Eat salad. Write about making and eating salad. Repeat.

Salad Month. I’m half sick of it and half feeling a weird compulsion to continue right through April as well. Or what if I ate salad every day for a year! There are so many salads I still want to try.

It’s so human to get carried away with things, isn’t it?

I’ve been looking forward to garden season. Here is a chart of plant times for my area, from almanac.com.

plant times

Peas are right around the corner! I need a bale of straw for my chickens… so maybe I’ll pick up a pack of early peas at the Agway too.

Cure for an obsession: get another one. – Mason Cooley